Ways to Style Your Activewear

Ways to Style Your Activewear


How to Style Your Activewear


Over a year into a global pandemic and social restrictions are finally easing. With that said, many of us still want to hold on to the comfort and practicality that our activewear and athleisure wear garments have given us these past months, even as we’re able to go out more. After all, health is still the primary focus for many and with that in mind, staying fit and active is as important as ever.

It’s really no surprise that activewear has become such a big part of our everyday style. These days, we want clothes that can take us from lounging on the couch to a casual day of work from home, to running errands outside and of course, to going out for an actual run or going to the gym. Getting through your days in activewear doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. It’s all about having both form and function. The best activewear isn’t just meant to get you through your exercise as you work to get fit. It’s also meant to keep you looking fashionable as you sweat it out. With that in mind, here are our picks for the best kind of activewear and fashion tricks to keep you sweating in style.



You can’t go wrong with a monochrome activewear look. The single color style, whether it be leggings and a sports bra or workout tank, or even sweatpants and a hoodie, will never fail to keep you looking sleek and stylish. While all black and all grey are obvious choices, don’t be afraid to go for a bold color like bright red, an unexpected shade like light pink or even an eye-catching monochromatic print.





Color Blocking, Racing Stripes and Mesh Panels

Now, if you prefer to put on activewear that’s more fashion forward and striking, look no further than color block patterns, racing stripe designs, and even mesh panels. Bright colors, unexpected combinations and figure-flattering patterns are all the rage. The mesh details also add a hint of sexiness to your activewear. You’re sure to stand out whether you’re doing squats or heading out to grab a quick snack.



Cool Jacket

We all know that these days, activewear is for so much more than just your usual everyday workout. Heading out for a casual lunch or planning to run errands pre- or post-workout, or well, even without an actual workout scheduled for the day? Add an extra dose of style to your activewear look by throwing on a cool jacket over it. Whether it be a puffer, a biker jacket, a windbreaker, a leather and faux fur jacket, or even a long coat, the extra piece of outerwear will make you street style ready.



High Heels and Handbag

In case we haven’t emphasized it enough, activewear is no longer confined for just the gym, the yoga mat, the soul cycle bike or for a hike on a mountain side. It should then come as no surprise that easy ways to dress up your sports top and leggings or your sweatshirt and sweatpants outfit is by slipping on a pair of heels and / or grabbing your designer bag. Switching your sneakers or slippers for high heels and trading your gym bag or back pack for an It bag is just the right kind of contrast and high-low mix to create a stylish ensemble.


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